4 quick tips for the care and durability of running shoes

A quality running shoe has a durability of approx. 800-1000 running kilometers. Depending on body weight, preferred running surface and running style, the sole and cushioning of the running shoes will wear out sooner or later. If you run a lot on hard asphalt, the sole and cushioning will naturally wear out faster.

1. when do running shoes become obsolete?

Running shoes should be retired when the tread is worn away, the midsole is compressed or the sole is even brittle. If the sole has worn crooked, running shoes should also be replaced.

2. running shoes in the Waschmsachine?

Rather not! Through the heat and the use of detergent, the plastic parts of the shoes can lose elasticity. In addition, the adhesives used could dissolve. If you still don't feel like hand washing, you should choose the gentle wash cycle with a gentle care detergent. But better is the cleaning by hand with a sponge or brush under lukewarm water and with a mild detergent.

3. wet shoes - what now?

After a run in the rain, accidentally through a puddle or after cleaning - running shoes also get wet sometimes. To protect the upper material, which is often made of a textile-plastic mixture, the insole should be removed and the shoe itself stuffed with newspaper. The newspaper will suck the moisture out of the shoe. Then remove the paper and let the shoe dry at room temperature.

4. so in no case!

To dry wet shoes, avoid direct heating air and sunlight. In no case use the tumble dryer. In all three methods, the temperatures are too high and the processed materials can become brittle and even shrink.