POC helmets and goggles - innovative protective equipment for your safety.

    POC is a Swedish brand that produces high-quality protective equipment for athletes, with the highest standards of quality and performance. Founded in Stockholm in 2005, POC's goal from the beginning has been to protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes. That is why POC does not compromise on safety, quality or performance of the products. The material and construction of the products must also meet the highest standards. For this purpose, POC has created the POC LAB: There, experts from various fields, including medicine, work to ensure that POC protective gear is the safest and most advanced. In the so-called WATTS Lab, the performance and aerodynamics of the products are improved so that cyclists become faster and have to expend less energy. So POC has a team of engineers, material specialists, graphic designers, neurologists and back specialists to assist in product research and development. All products are also tested by top athletes to further refine and improve them with their feedback.

    POC makes helmets, goggles, chest harnesses, apparel and accessories for snow sports and cycling. The protective equipment for athletes convinces with the highest quality as well as with new and innovative ideas. In addition, the high-performance products have a very low weight and are designed to optimally absorb the impact. POC helmets have super adjustable strap systems and combine comfort and functionality as well as optimized ventilation, which is especially important on hot days or for long tours. The design helps to reduce air resistance and provides with eye-catching colors or reflective details for added safety in poor visibility. Another useful detail is the goggle attachment in case you don't need your cycling glasses. POC cycling glasses optimize your field of vision for an improved reaction, which in turn provides increased safety. They also protect your eyes from UV rays and external effects of branches, rain or snow. The frames are made of polyurethane and are therefore particularly comfortable, soft and flexible. POC glasses offer you an ideal combination of protection and improved vision.