Cycling apparel


    Functional cycling apparel for best wearing comfort

    Cycling clothing should support you optimally during sports and not restrict your freedom of movement. For this reason, we have put together a selection of functional cycling clothing for you in the Runster online store, which will be the ideal companion for your next bike tour with well thought-out features and an optimized fit. It doesn't matter if you are looking for shorts, tights or a new jersey. In addition, we offer technically advanced protective equipment such as helmets or cycling glasses from POC, with which you are safe on the bike. Store high-quality cycling clothing from top brands like Fe226, Gore Wear and Fingerscrossed in the Runster Sports Boutique, so you can fully concentrate on your performance.

    The right cycling clothing for different needs

    The right cycling clothing is crucial for comfort while riding. After all, when cycling, athletes don't want to sweat too much or cool down too much due to the airstream. That's why cycling clothing depends on particularly functional materials that also offer an optimal fit. This is usually designed for the riding position and aerodynamic and close-fitting. A cycling jacket is an important companion in the transitional season and also in winter to protect against chilling. On mild days, a cycling vest keeps the upper body pleasantly warm. Cycling shorts are available in different lengths and designs depending on the requirements and season. In cycling shorts, the knee area is often pre-shaped to allow good freedom of movement. In addition, the seat area is usually padded to increase comfort while riding. In this area, abrasion-resistant materials are particularly important to increase the durability of the cycling pants.

    Another important aspect is the breathability of clothing for cyclists. This is because only breathable and fast-drying materials protect against excessive sweating and thus also against cooling down. Furthermore, cycling clothing does without annoying seams that cause friction or pressure points. This is especially important for athletes who carry their luggage in a backpack, such as bike commuters. A small pack size and low weight of the clothing are practical in changeable weather to quickly and easily stow away clothing items that are not needed. On cold days, a thermal function or insulating lining is essential, while a windproof and waterproof membrane and sealed seams provide optimum protection against cold and wet in bad weather. Reflective details and neon colors guarantee increased visibility in the dark season. Of course, gloves are also part of the equipment on the bike. These ensure a good grip and protect the hands in the event of a fall. On cold days, cycling gloves also keep your hands warm and some of them have a wind stopper finish. At www.runster.de you can store online for high-quality cycling clothing comfortably and securely, so that you are optimally equipped for the next bike tour.