Outdoor shoes and clothing for hikers

    In the Runster store for outerwear you can get exclusive shoes and clothing for your outdoor activities. Selected products from well-known brands like adidas Terrex convince with functional materials and technical features to support you optimally in outdoor sports. The right footwear offers you a high wearing comfort, best protection and a firm step, while practical outdoor clothing for men and women is the ideal companion on the next trekking tour or a long walk in the forest.

    What are the features of outdoor shoes?

    If you are looking for a pair of sporty shoes for hiking, outdoor shoes are the best choice. Because this type of shoes can boast of first-class materials, safety and optimal grip. The sole of the shoes usually has a grippy profile, which provides good slip resistance. In addition, a solid sole structure and reinforcements should protect the foot from sharp stones or other objects. Furthermore, outdoor shoes have a robust upper material made of leather, synthetic fibers or a combination of both. At the same time, the material should be breathable to prevent excessive sweating. Those who travel in bad weather or changeable weather need shoes with a weatherproof membrane that keeps the feet dry. Outdoor shoes are available for men and women as a flat version or also with an ankle-high shaft. The decisive factor here is how much support is needed in the shoe. Flat models are sufficient for light hikes. Ankle-high shoes, on the other hand, offer a secure fit and provide better protection against twisting. Lacing also ensures an optimal fit, while padding and cushioning systems increase wearing comfort.

    Optimally equipped with high-quality outdoor clothing

    Outdoor clothing is available for different demands and from top brands such as The North Face. In summer, airy materials with plenty of freedom of movement are desired, while in the transitional period, good weather protection and warming properties are required. The functional materials of outdoor clothing are often breathable and quick-drying to prevent heavy sweating. On longer tours, the weight of the clothing plays a major role. In addition, outdoor clothing with a small pack size can be quickly and easily stowed, which is especially advantageous in changeable weather. For bad weather, there is outdoor clothing with a weatherproof membrane and sealed seams to protect you optimally from wind and rain. Robust materials and reinforcements in highly stressed areas also ensure high durability. To be safe on the road in the dark season, reflective details and bright colors offer improved visibility.

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