Saysky Performance Sportswear - comfortable, casual and functional

    For today's trend-conscious, demanding runners, sportswear is more than simple sportswear. It should look modern and stylish, but at the same time offer maximum functionality and performance. And it should be so comfortable and casual that you can wear it while chilling on the couch or shopping in the city. More than 5 years ago, when "athleisure" was still a foreign word in this country and high-tech functional clothing was anything but trendy, a creative Danish windsurfer and triathlete decided to close the glaring gap between functional running wear and urban casual fashion.

    With his small but fine sportswear label Saysky, Lars C. Pedersen initially caused a stir in the domestic runner and triathlon scene before the young company won the coveted ISPO Brandnew Award in the Athleisure category in 2016. And for good reason: Saysky's premium sportswear not only meets the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality, it also impresses visually with an innovative mix of urban street style and Scandinavian casualness.

    High quality running wear with individual styles

    Performance sportswear by and for athletes - that is Saysky's recipe for success. The Copenhagen trend label is aimed at ambitious runners, triathletes, endurance athletes and fitness fans who want more than interchangeable standard off-the-peg looks and attach great importance to individual styles. The young team at Saysky works hand in hand with top athletes who provide valuable input for the development of new, innovative products. Marathon champion Michael Jeppesen, long-distance runner Philipp Baar and Danish triathlete Sif Bendix Madsen are among Saysky's brand ambassadors.

    In the production of Saysky Apparel, not only modern functional fibers are used, but also natural fibers such as merino wool, which offer a light, pleasantly soft feel combined with optimal breathability and sweat absorption. With its Merino Tech collection, Saysky is one of the first brands in the world to produce performance sportswear from Australian merino wool. The high-quality, odor-resistant natural fiber optimally stores body heat and can absorb large amounts of moisture without feeling damp. That's why the Merino Tech series is not only the best choice for sweaty workouts on cool days, it's also the perfect companion for everyday wear and travel.

    In the field of running and triathlon apparel, Saysky primarily uses the specially developed SAYSKYDRY Performance fiber. Combined with highly breathable mesh and elastic stretch, it ensures the best climate comfort, maximum freedom of movement and a perfect fit. Whether T-shirts, triathlon suits or running tights - many Saysky products come in a unisex design and can be worn equally by men and women. Take a look around the Runster online store and get the great parts of the Saysky brand.