Best equipped with the Outdoor Tools from VSSL Gear

    VSSL Gear is a Canadian brand that specializes in compact and super practical outdoor tools and survival kits. The name is derived from the English term "vessel", which stands for a "vessel" or "container". So with VSSL Gear you get functional gear that is perfectly organized in a single compact container. This so-called VSSL is extremely robust as well as waterproof and dustproof to optimally protect the most important equipment for your outdoor adventures. Todd Weimer, the brand's founder, was inspired by a flashlight made by Maglite. The handle of the flashlight represented for him a perfect container in which you could store necessary equipment in a space-saving way. That was the birth of the VSSL Gear brand. Since then, his goal has been to help other outdoor enthusiasts equip themselves faster, easier and better for their adventures with his high-quality and extremely compact gear. Because VSSL Gear offers you the best equipment that you won't want to miss on your camping trips.

    Even as a kid, Todd Weimer was often out in the mountains of northern Canada. Since he and his friend couldn't carry that much luggage as kids, they made small, practical boxes to carry the essentials in their backpacks. Todd Weimer stuck with this idea for many years, eventually founding VSSL Gear with super compact survival kits that can be easily stowed in a backpack. In 2017, he won the ISPO Brand New Award in the accessories category with his products, and in 2018 he won the German Design Award. Because VSSL Gear has everything you need - so you also save time when preparing for your next outdoor adventure. The first aid kit, for example, has been smartly organized and put together with experts in the field of first aid, so you have the essentials you need with you in the great outdoors. The VSSL each contains small boxes that contain useful items or even bandages and plasters in case you hurt yourself on the road. Other VSSL sets contain, for example, waterproof packed matches or a set of fishing tackle. The convenient thing about VSSL Gear is that all the parts are easily accessible by unscrewing one of the two lids. Most of VSSL Gear's products have a lid with a built-in flashlight and a high-precision compass built into the second lid. Another highlight is the Java coffee grinder for on-the-go use. With its handy design and stainless steel blades, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee even when traveling.

    Take a look around and discover the high-quality outdoor tools from VSSL Gear in the Runster Sports Boutique.