Innovative hydration systems and functional accessories from UltrAspire.

    UltrAspire is known for functional hydration systems and other running accessories with innovative designs. But this success does not come by chance. Founder Bryce Thatcher has been an avid athlete himself since his youth. He began designing his own bags and backpacks in the late 1970s, as his previous backpack for mountain tours did not meet his requirements. His goal since then has been to create backpacks and hydration systems with functional designs for endurance athletes. After all, everyone has certain basic needs for their equipment, which UltrAspire wants to fulfill with its products: the best comfort, a good fit, a high degree of freedom of movement, optimal function and easy accessibility to the pack.

    The UltrAspire team gets the ideas for the products during sports. The prototypes are tested by athletes and, with the help of their feedback, are constantly refined until they are brought to market. A love of running, other endurance sports and the outdoors drives Bryce Thatcher to design hydration systems and lighting for an active lifestyle. The result is sophisticated designs and intuitive functionality. An eye for detail is especially important to ensure a perfect fit, because the human body is built in a complex way. The backpacks should not restrict movements during sports and distribute the weight of the luggage optimally. Elastic straps for locking guarantee a secure fit while allowing freedom of movement.

    UltrAspire backpacks are characterized by the so-called ErgoFit design. On the backpacks, the longer shoulder straps allow for a slightly deeper fit to prevent friction in the neck area. The curved shape of the straps also ideally adapts to the body shape and ensures a high degree of freedom of movement. The weight should be distributed so that it is closer to the body's center of gravity, i.e. the hips. This allows energy consumption by luggage to be kept low, even on longer tours. The pockets are particularly easy to access, so you can easily reach your drink or other utensils even during sports. The materials used are also particularly robust and yet lightweight. The UltrAcool system combines various technologies to keep you cool during sports. The Ultra Light Mesh, for example, consists of 3 layers and is particularly breathable. The small dimensions of the bags and backpacks also ensure that as little skin as possible is covered and you do not sweat so much. With the innovative designs of the UltrAspire hydration systems you are therefore well equipped to always improve your performance and can fully concentrate on the sport.