INCYLENCE Performance Socks for Running and Cycling

    INCYLENCE - these are stylish and at the same time particularly high-quality triathlon socks and running socks from Hamburg. The still quite young label was founded in 2017 by Max, Alex and Pavel with the goal of building a bridge between performance and style. Their passion and attention to detail is evident in the combination of best quality and great designs, where they combine geometric shapes and strong colors. The lynx served the brand as a model for the logo. It symbolizes freedom and love for nature, but also shows that athletes pursue their goals with full determination. The lynx is normally a loner, but when necessary it also hunts in a group with other conspecifics. This is also a reason why INCYLENCE has chosen the lynx. Because triathletes, cyclists or runners often train alone in pursuit of new best times or other training goals. But every now and then, they also enjoy a training group and the dynamics it creates.

    INCYLENCE socks not only look good, but are also particularly functional. They are made in Italy and have the best properties for a high wearing comfort and a perfect fit. INCYLENCE triathlon socks are very thin and particularly light and offer you direct contact with the shoe. The microfiber Dryarn® is particularly breathable, durable and heat-insulating. It is also hygienic and environmentally friendly and provides a tight fit with a double layered waistband. This also absorbs moisture better, so sweat doesn't run into your shoe. Midfoot compression improves circulation and increases stability. A reinforced toe box and cushioning around the heel and Achilles tendon round out these triathlon socks. Running socks from INCYLENCE are made of microfiber Microlon®, which is also breathable, heat insulating, environmentally friendly and hygienic. They are ideal for training runs, tempo runs and also for competition. Reinforced areas on the heel and toes, as well as under the foot, provide the best comfort and durability in the process. The double layered waistband soaks up sweat to keep it from running into your shoe, and midfoot compression offers improved stability and circulation. INCYLENCE running socks are more cushioned overall than triathlon socks and provide more support. However, for those who prefer thin socks while running, INCYLENCE triathlon socks are the best choice. At Runster Sports Boutique, you can get a colorful selection of socks for more fun during sports. So take a look around right now!