Gore Wear


    Gore Wear functional clothing for running and cycling.

    Highly functional running clothing from the Gore Wear brand gives the runner optimal protection, function and comfort. In 1997 the brand started, at a time when there were still few specialists in the field of functional running clothing. Gore Wear was able to quickly set standards and convince runners of the quality of the clothing to this day. The running clothing was developed specifically for athletes to support their performance. The high-quality functionality of the clothing, which leaves nothing to be desired, is achieved through the processing of the latest technologies and materials. Thus, wind-stopping fabrics and Gore-Tex are used.

    Everything you need for running clothing is offered by the company Gore Wear, running pants, running jackets, hats, gloves, shirts, vests... Above all, the cuts are optimally adapted to the runner, so that the Gore Wear clothing has an optimal fit. This is ensured in that the company is in constant contact with athletes and the running clothes in terms of fit and functionality is always put to the test. The developed running clothing is subject to strict quality controls, and so Gore Wear can ensure that the runner gets the perfect wearing comfort even in extreme weather conditions. In the case of a running jacket, for example, the interplay between breathability and waterproofness is considered the highest quality feature when it rains.

    However, cycling clothing from Gore Wear also has a very long service life due to its high-quality workmanship, which is an additional reason to choose cycling clothing from this brand. Breathable and fast-drying materials are the ideal companion on the bike. And Gore Wear also offers windproof and waterproof cycling clothing for bad weather, so you can train undisturbed in the rain. In the Runster online store you will find a wide range of functional clothing for men and women.