Silva headlamps for best visibility

    In 1919, orienteering became a competitive sport. In this sport, runners are on the move in the field and must find various fixed control points with the help of a map and a compass. Physical and mental fitness are required at the same time. 14 years after the first major competition in orienteering, the Silva company was founded in Sweden. The company entered the market in 1933 with the first liquid-filled compass, which was more accurate and easier to use. The founders were three orienteers themselves, so they knew immediately what was important in this sport. The second product introduced in the same year was a headlamp. Thus, the company created the best conditions for further innovations for various outdoor sports.

    In the meantime, the company has become indispensable in this field and supports athletes worldwide with leading technologies. Since winter in the north is particularly long and dark, high demands are placed on the equipment. The special feature of Silva headlamps is the Intelligent Light, which allows for optimal visibility. Instead of a simple light beam forward, two beams are combined: a wide-angle floodlight illuminates the area in front of the runner and a long, strong light beam provides good visibility into the distance. This means that the head has to be moved less and the athlete can concentrate fully on the sport. The lamps are very lightweight and the soft strap makes them comfortable to wear. In addition, they are splashproof and easy to use thanks to different light modes. We have different models in stock for you, so that you are super equipped when training in the dark. In the Runster online store you can find other practical running accessories as well as functional running clothes and technically advanced running shoes.