The North Face


    The North Face Outdoor Clothing and Trail Running Shoes

    With the motto "Never Stop Exploring™" The North Face is known to most nature lovers and outdoor athletes. That's because back in 1966, The North Face was founded by two avid mountain hikers in San Francisco and has become the first choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts around the world. The founders initially opened a small store for mountaineering articles and named it after the coldest side of a mountain (in German: die Nordwand). From the beginning, their goal was to accompany outdoor athletes on their adventures and provide them with the best possible products without unnecessary bells and whistles. In 1968, The North Face moved and began manufacturing its own clothing and equipment for mountaineers. At that time, the brand was already popular with many outdoor athletes and sponsored its first expeditions. In the 80s, extreme skiwear was added to the range, which already included backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and high-performance leisurewear, among other products. In the late 90s, The North Face launched its own trekking shoes and trail running shoes, which are still appreciated by top athletes for their innovative technologies. At Runster Sports Boutique, we offer you not only technically advanced trail running shoes, but also high-quality outdoor clothing as well as casual wear.

    But The North Face is not only a successful outfitter for fans of outdoor sports, but also attaches great importance to sustainability. In order to reduce its ecological footprint more and more, The North Face uses recycled plastic for the polyester used in the production of various products. It also uses more energy-efficient and water-saving methods in its weaving mills, while the production process also aims to reduce harmful chemicals and waste. The North Face strives to master the balancing act between sustainability and the production of high-performance products as best it can, and emphasizes the responsible use of raw materials. The brand also uses electricity from renewable sources when possible and offsets greenhouse gas emissions by planting and protecting trees that absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen.

    With The North Face, you'll be well equipped for your next outdoor adventure. Discover the extensive range of The North Face now in the Runster Sports Boutique.