Running apparel


    Running apparel for a wide range of requirements

    As important as the choice of the right running shoes is, the outfit is essential for the fun of running. After all, who wants to be constricted by clothing while jogging or arrive completely soaked after the workout, be it through rain or sweat. That's why there are specially designed running clothes at Many top brands put special emphasis on running comfort and so the longsleeves, jackets, pants and other garments have technically advanced features to support you perfectly, whether you are training or competing, for endurance runs or sprints.

    The right running clothes for more comfort while running

    When it comes to jogging, it's all about freedom of movement and ideal fit to be able to fully concentrate on your run. Depending on your own preference, you can opt for different cuts and materials: If you prefer casual, you can buy loose-fitting shorts at, and if you find too much fabric unnecessary, tight-fitting running shorts are a good choice. We also have ideal running clothing for the different seasons from brands like Saysky, Fe226 or YMR Track Club. The quick-drying property of running clothes is always an advantage, whether in summer or winter, so that moisture is quickly wicked away from the body. In summer, runners appreciate high breathability and light-as-air materials, and some of our running shorts and running shirts with short sleeves even offer protection from the sun. In the transitional season and in winter, other qualities are required and so running vests are particularly suitable in the transitional period, e.g. for cooler summer evenings when it is still too warm for a running jacket. Functional jackets and windbreakers from Gore Wear offer protection from wind and rain thanks to special membranes. In winter, thermal materials keep the body warm. For example, we offer running shirts with long sleeves that serve this purpose. Another feature that should not be waived in the dark season is visibility while running, which is ensured by strategically placed reflectors. And if it gets too cold on your head and hands, we of course have hats and gloves in our range so that you don't have to freeze. Running socks, underwear and accessories for men and women are also part of our extensive product selection at