High quality running shoes from Mizuno

    In 1906, Rihachi Mizuno opened his first sports store in Osaka to help athletes improve their performance. It was also to promote the role of sports in society. Rihachi Mizuno began by manufacturing and selling sportswear, and later added baseball equipment. His son Kenjiro then developed golf clubs, running shoes and soccer shoes to further expand Mizuno's product line. Guided by the spirit of sportsmanship, the company is all about constantly improving its products, ensuring high quality and always taking on new challenges. Despite the technical progress, the products should be in harmony with the body. With an eye for detail and a passion for innovation, the world's first Sports Innovation Center was founded in 1938.

    In 1997, the revolutionary Mizuno Wave technology was invented, which is still used today for the sole of the running shoes. This wave-shaped midsole distributes the shock of the impact, guaranteeing very good cushioning. It also provides stability on any terrain. Smooth Ride technology ensures an effortless rollover, similar to a rocking chair, and flex notches in the sole for high flexibility. True to the motto "Expect More" ("expect more"), Mizuno offers various running shoes so that best performances can be achieved. The Wave Hayate, for example, is a trail competition shoe that is ideal for fast runs on rough terrain. But our range also includes stability shoes and neutral shoes for men and women. With technically advanced features such as the extremely lightweight Ui4C midsole, the breathable AIRmesh and the abrasion-resistant X10 outsole, you are well equipped to constantly improve. "Be yourself. Ony Better." - We at Runster Onlineshop help you do just that!