Outdoor shoes


    High quality outdoor shoes for optimal protection and best grip.

    For an active lifestyle or as a balance to the stressful everyday life, outdoor shoes are the best choice to move well protected in nature. Because during hikes, trekking tours or even on long walks, our feet are exposed to constant stress. Therefore, the right footwear is of great importance during outdoor activities. In the Runster online store you can get carefully selected outdoor shoes from brands like adidas TERREX, which will support you optimally on your next adventure in nature. First and foremost, they need to be safe and comfortable to wear. We give you some useful tips on what to look for when buying outdoor shoes.

    Tips for buying outdoor shoes

    Good protection for your feet and a firm footfall are crucial, along with wearing comfort. For this reason, outdoor shoes for men and women are equipped with a robust and non-slip sole, which with its grippy profile ensures the best grip even on rough terrain. The firm sole also prevents stones or other hard or sharp objects from pushing through the sole and injuring the foot. For this purpose, outdoor and hiking shoes also have reinforcements on the heel and toe area. A weather protection edge is also part of the basic equipment of many outdoor shoes.

    An ankle-high cut gives the foot a good grip in the shoe and provides stability, so that the foot does not twist easily. Flat models, on the other hand, are more for light hiking or walking. In both versions, a sturdy lacing ensures an optimal fit so that the foot does not slip in the shoe. The fit of outdoor shoes is also crucial for wearing comfort. If a shoe does not fit properly, friction, pressure points and blisters on the foot are the result. Therefore, an outdoor shoe should provide about 1 cm of space in front of the toes. It is also important that trying on new shoes should preferably be done in the afternoon and with matching socks, as feet are usually bigger in the afternoon than in the morning.

    Advanced technologies and high-quality materials make outdoor shoes the ideal companion for your excursions into nature. Depending on the requirement and use, outdoor shoes have a genuine leather or synthetic fiber upper. The advantage of genuine leather is clearly its durability. With high-quality care, you can enjoy hiking boots made of leather for a long time. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are easier to care for and dry faster. But they offer less stability than a leather upper. Many models have a breathable and waterproof membrane that keeps feet dry even in bad weather. Padding further enhances the comfort of outdoor shoes. Cushioning systems are also designed to cushion the impact and thus protect the joints.

    Discover outdoor shoes from top brands for men and women in the Runster online store and let yourself be convinced by their technical features and functional materials.