Sustainable Cotopaxi Clothing, Backpacks and More

    Cotopaxi is a brand best known for its colorful outdoor clothing. But Cotopaxi stands for more than just high-quality clothing and practical backpacks. The credo of the brand is not without reason "Do Good" ("Gutes tun"). Because the impact on people and the world we live in starts with the company itself. Therefore, Cotopaxi's goal is to manufacture sustainable products, use recycled materials, and create fair and sustainable working conditions. In this way, the products that many people use to discover the world can have a positive impact on other people's lives.

    The name of the Cotopaxi brand comes from the volcano of the same name in Ecuador, which plays an important role in the local culture. The resident Andean communities consider the volcano sacred. Founder Davis Smith grew up in Latin America and lived in Ecuador for several years. As a child, he often went camping in Cotopaxi National Park and developed a lifelong reverence for the strong, hard-working inhabitants of the Andes region. But during this time, he also recognized the plight of those who lived in abject poverty. Later, Davis Smith moved to the U.S. and studied business administration and international relations. After starting several successful e-commerce businesses, he wanted to do more to make a difference in the world. He wanted his next company to support the poor while reflecting his love for travel. That was the birth of the Cotopaxi brand.

    As a B-Corp certified company, Cotopaxi uses 1% of its sales to address poverty and support community development. In addition, Cotopaxi promotes organizations that improve the human condition. "Do Good" is thus emphasized in all areas, whether in the company's culture, donation models or sustainable product design. For example, old materials that are no longer needed are given a new life and used for Cotopaxi products. One highlight is the Del Dia collection: for this colorful collection, leftover fabric scraps from large companies are used to make high-quality backpacks and bags. Otherwise, the perfectly preserved fabrics would have ended up in landfills. The colors are randomly combined so that each product is unique. The clothing of Cotopaxi also convinces with colorful designs and recycled materials. In the Runster online store you can get the sustainable clothing for men and women as well as functional backpacks with practical details.