La Sportiva


    La Sportiva trail shoes and outdoor shoes

    The Italian brand La Sportiva is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of mountain sports. For 90 years now, the company has convinced with its passion for the mountains and has always tried to develop the best possible products for various mountain sports. La Sportiva was founded by Narciso Delladio in 1928 in Tesero and still today the company has its headquarters at the foot of the Dolomites in Ziano di Fiemme. Narciso Delladio began by manufacturing leather shoes for forest workers and farmers. As his customers were convinced of the quality of his products, he continued to expand his company and broaden his range.

    Today, La Sportiva is still 100% owned by the Delladio family, which has a long experience in the mountain sports segment. The wide range of the brand includes mainly outdoor shoes, such as trail running shoes, climbing shoes, hiking boots and ski touring boots, but also functional clothing for various areas. The products are particularly characterized by the combination of quality, functionality and comfort, which is why many professional athletes in mountain sports rely on La Sportiva products. Their feedback also helps the company to further refine the products, and the wishes of athletes are partly used to develop new products.

    La Sportiva shoes are made of high-quality leather or other functional materials and impress with their precision fit and many technical details. For example, the brand has developed a sole system that provides optimal grip on any surface. Depending on the area of use, the rubber compound and also the sole profile are adapted to the respective ground conditions. The Impact Brake System is also advantageous for trail running, as it reduces impact forces through the arrangement of the tread. In addition, it provides good grip uphill and downhill. Other technical features make La Sportiva trail shoes the ideal companion, no matter which trails you are on. Because they offer you an optimal combination of protection, lightness and shock absorption.

    Numerous awards reflect the high quality and technically advanced designs of La Sportiva products. Take a look around the Runster online store and choose your new pair of trail shoes from the Italian brand.