Hoka running shoes for maximum running comfort.

    The French running shoe brand Hoka, which has been part of the US-based Deckers Group since 2012, was founded in 2009 by Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud. Initially it was called Hoka One One, later just Hoka. The young label started with the very best prerequisites and quickly established itself in the ultra and trail running sector, because both company founders are not only enthusiastic ultra runners, but also former employees of the well-known outdoor brand Salomon. Their common goal was to design running shoes with the greatest possible long-lasting cushioning and the best rolling characteristics that provide maximum comfort during the run.

    To this end, they developed an innovative midsole that provides extremely efficient, yet lightweight cushioning thanks to a high volume yet low density. And so all Hoka shoes are immediately recognizable by their particularly lush oversize and ultrasize soles, which quickly earned them the title of "maximum shoes" - this fully cushioned construction is also generally regarded as a counter-trend to the universally known minimal or natural running shoes. Incidentally, the name "Hoka" means "time to fly" in the New Zealand Maori language and aptly describes the feeling that comes with running in these voluminous shoes.

    What makes Hoka One One running shoes?

    Hoka's range includes training and competition shoes for every type of runner, ranging from road running shoes to trail and hiking shoes. The brand's unique midsole construction offers up to 2.5 times more cushioning entirely without adding weight, using about twice the amount of EVA than traditional running shoes. It is combined with Meta-Rocker midsole geometry, which is a rounding of the sole in the toe and heel area that provides a fluid and efficient rolling motion while supporting a natural running style. Last but not least, an Active Foot Frame provides the necessary support: instead of sitting on the midsole, the foot sinks into it and is thus optimally stabilized without any hard support material. The sophisticated running shoes from Hoka are therefore not only the best choice for marathon, trail and long-distance fans, but also perfect for all other runners who are looking for lightweight shoes with maximum comfort and cushioning. Sometimes more is more! In the Runster online store you can take your time to look around and choose your new pair of running shoes. You can also find the right running clothes and practical running accessories at www.runster.de!