Altra running shoes for a natural running feeling

    The founding of the Altra Running Footwear company stems from a desire to make running easy, comfortable, and most importantly, pain-free. Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead from the USA, an elite runner and running shoe store owner, were confronted in the 1990s with the issue that more and more runners were getting pain during running training and somehow no solution could be found. After some video analysis and close examination of traditional running shoes, it became clear quite quickly that the elevated heel and the resulting compression of the toes was the cause of much pain.

    Today, Altra Running Footwear's solution is called FootShape™ toe box and ZeroDrop™ platform. All of Altra's running shoes are equipped with these two components. And exactly these two features make the big difference to other well-known manufacturers of running shoes. An Altra Running running shoe always has zero drop and so much space in the forefoot due to the wide sole that the toes can move freely. The shoes not only look wider than conventional running shoes, they are. This avoids squeezing the toes and the heel stands without elevation, which guarantees a natural running feeling and is very close to barefoot running. In Altra running shoes, the foot can develop freely, as natural conditions demand. The foot does not have to adopt a forced posture in any area and thus pain can be avoided. In the Runster online store you can find Altra running shoes for men and women as well as running shoes from many other manufacturers. Take a look at and choose the right running clothes.