Norda Running Shoes

    Inspired by the trails of Canada, the founders of the Norda brand - Nick and Willa Martire - had long been searching for the perfect trail shoe. This one had to be light, fast and durable enough to get them to their destination - no matter where they were running. But as longtime endurance athletes, they soon grew tired of running in trail shoes that didn't meet their expectations. In their opinion, none of the world's brands had yet created a perfect combination of fit, cushioning, grip, weight, breathability and innovative materials. So they decided to simply develop the perfect trail shoe themselves. In doing so, they were guided by their love of running. In addition, the issue of sustainability always played a major role for the founders. Because in their eyes, performance and sustainability simply belong together. But what is so special about the running shoes of the Norda brand?

    High-performance running shoes for the best running experience

    The Norda™ 001 is the world's first seamless, lightweight trail shoe whose upper is made of Dyneema®. This bio-based material is the lightest and most durable fiber in the world. It has a seamless construction and is made with 75% renewable energy to minimize CO2 emissions during production. With the help of this material, the Norda™ 001 is not only light enough, but strong enough to withstand any trail run. In addition, Norda has teamed up with Vibram® to create the ultimate trail running outsole. The outsole design was inspired by the Canadian Shield, the largest and strongest Precambrian rock formation on Earth, which is the bedrock of Canada. This special design provides the best grip in all directions. Vibram® Litebase® technology also makes the outsole 30% lighter, so you can save energy and improve your performance. The Vibram® Megagrip® rubber is particularly durable and offers the best traction on dry and wet surfaces with 5mm lugs. Another detail is the Vibram® SLE (Superlight EVA) midsole, which is much lighter than conventional EVA midsoles and still delivers high energy return. The Norda™ Lock System in the shoe works like a sock to stabilize the foot and provide the best support in the shoe even on rough terrain.

    The Norda brand went to great lengths to develop the running shoes. The prototypes of the Norda™ 001 were put through their paces for over two years in southeastern Quebec. The world's best materials were used to enable the best performance while being as environmentally friendly as possible. This also means that the materials must be particularly durable in order to offer a long service life. In this way, nature should be protected, because it is what makes trail running so spectacular in the first place.

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