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    Whether you're out in the mountains or not, Mons Royale provides you with high-quality merino clothing that inspires with its technical properties and an extra dose of style. The New Zealand label was founded in 2009 by Hamish and Hannah Acland with the motto: "Through action and adventure sports we can improve people and the planet." Accordingly, when people are passionate about a sport, they protect the environment in which they practice the sport. In addition, sports naturally improve health and increase our well-being. With the high-quality merino clothing from Mons Royale, you immediately feel much more comfortable.

    The brand originated in the mountains of New Zealand, from which the founders draw inspiration for everything they do. Hamish and Hannah Acland come from farms in the highlands of New Zealand and therefore have a natural connection with merino wool and the mountains where the merino sheep live. For this reason, merino wool has been the first choice for the founding couple. But the natural fiber also convinces with its high-performance properties and is also sustainable.

    Merino wool - performance and comfort

    Merino wool is the world's highest-performance natural fiber, already proven in nature to withstand all extremes. Its natural antibacterial properties help prevent odors. Moisture is wicked away from the body and merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp. Its natural insulating properties keep you warm in the cold, even when wet. In addition, merino wool is particularly breathable and quick drying, providing a cooling effect in the heat. The very fine fibers do not scratch and are particularly soft on the skin and thus offer a particularly high wearing comfort.

    For the production of the clothing and accessories Mons Royale works with ZQRX Merino from New Zealand, the world's leading brand for ethical wool. Among other things, this brand is committed to a better quality of life for animals. In addition to the ethical aspect, however, sustainability also plays a major role. Because by using natural high performance fibers, the impact on the planet can be reduced. 90% of virgin plastic has been phased out at Mons Royale and replaced with recycled or natural materials. In addition, 99% of products are shipped by container ship - on average, this mode of transportation produces 20 times less CO2 emissions than air freight. As an end consumer, you can also contribute to sustainability: clothing made of merino wool needs to be washed less often. This saves water and increases the durability of the clothing.

    Convince yourself of the performance properties of merino wool and get Mons Royale clothing and accessories in the Runster online store.