FINGERSCROSSED cycling socks - high performance socks with modern designs.

    Fingerscrossed is a German brand that produces high-quality cycling socks and accessories. The brand was founded in 2016 by Susanne Haller and Patrick Lay, who both have a great passion for cycling and for design in all its facets. At FINGERSCROSSED, they combine high performance standards with a modern, bold design. Susanne is a trained communication designer and most recently worked as a product designer. There she was able to gain experience in working with different materials and their processing. At FINGERSCROSSED she can now live out her passion for design and cycling. After working in a bike store for several years, Patrick finished his studies and then worked in the fashion industry for brands like Ralph Lauren and J. Lindeberg. Cycling was and is especially important for him to find his balance. In doing so, he looks for brands with that certain something, but which should also not be too flashy. At FINGERSCROSSED, he has the opportunity to implement his own ideas and produce cycling socks that meet his demands.

    The German brand does not compromise on quality and design when it comes to its bike socks. That's why most of FINGERSCROSSED's cycling socks are made of the so-called PROLEN®YARN to give you the best features. PROLEN® is the lightest fiber that has been developed so far. It offers you optimal thermoregulation and is quick-drying to give you extra comfort on the bike. In addition, the cycling socks have a triple reinforced heel and toe area, which increases the durability. FINGERSCROSSED socks offer you an optimal fit, so that they do not slip even on long bike rides. The integrated compression still provides improved blood circulation, stabilization and regeneration. For a classic look on the bike, you get sophisticated designs, but also colorful socks, and can thus perfectly complement your cycling outfit. So take a look around the Runster Sports Boutique right now and store for high-quality FINGERSCROSSED socks with that certain something. Here you can also find functional cycling clothing and practical cycling accessories.