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    Running is more popular than ever these days. Runners of all ages practice this sport for various reasons, for example, to stay fit, to clear their heads, as a balance to other sports or as a training unit in a fixed training schedule. But one thing is true for all runners: choosing the right running shoes is extremely important to prevent damage to your health. Appearance should play only a minor role in the decision for a pair of running shoes, because it is more about comfort and a pleasant running feeling. In addition, the health aspect should not be ignored.

    How can I find the right running shoes?

    People with foot deformities, for example, need special running shoes to prevent injuries while running. Pronation must also be taken into account when choosing running shoes: Pronation is the body's natural cushioning mechanism in which the foot turns slightly inward to absorb impact. The shape of the foot and pronation are different for each person and should be evaluated by a professional to prevent damage from improperly chosen running shoes. If the foot buckles too much, also known as overpronation, a support function in the shoe is important to protect the ligaments, tendons and joints. Even people with normal pronation can tend to overpronate when fatigued, which is especially important to keep in mind during long-distance running. Another key feature is the shoe's offset - this indicates the difference in height of the sole from the heel to the forefoot. The lower the offset, the more a natural running style is made possible. The weight of the runner is also important, because heavy runners need more cushioning, as the load on the musculoskeletal system is greater. Another essential factor is the size of the running shoes. These should offer at least 1-1.5cm of space in front of the big toe, as the feet swell somewhat due to the strong blood circulation during running, so that shoes chosen that are too small can cause pressure points and thus pain.

    Since men's and women's feet are built differently, our running shoes are divided into men's running shoes and women's running shoes. Both men's and women's running shoes are differentiated according to the area of use and type of running shoe: Neutral shoes, stable shoes and natural running shoes are available for the road or for trails. This way, you can choose the right running shoes for your needs.

    In our Runster online store you can find technically advanced running shoes from top brands like adidas Performance, Asics, Hoka One One or Altra. But also running shoes from New Balance, La Sportiva and The North Face are available for men and women. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you on the phone or by mail.