VEJA running shoes - ecologically sustainable and fairly produced.

    In 2005, the brand VEJA set itself the goal of producing shoes from ecological materials and supporting social projects. VEJA is known for its sustainable sneakers, but the French label can do more than that. Since most conventional running shoes are made from petroleum-based plastics, for the sake of the environment, VEJA eliminates petroleum from its running shoes and makes sustainable running shoes from various eco-friendly components. The brand has invested over 4 years of research and development to produce the first ecological running shoe. The main components here are recycled plastic bottles and rubber from the Amazon forests. Materials or products that are no longer needed will also be transformed into higher-quality or more useful products. To do this, VEJA uses recycled textile waste or recycled polyester, for example, and can thus recycle household waste. The first VEJA running shoe was launched in 2019 and picked up the ISPO "Product of the Year" award in the Running Hardware category just one year later.

    In addition to the use of alternative and partly organic materials, the running shoes should still meet the demands of runners. Thus, the shoes are not only produced sustainably, but also promise the highest functionality. The first shoe to hit the market was the Condor, which is now available in an improved form at the Runster Sports Boutique. This is because the Condor 2 has a newly designed sole that provides increased flexibility with its flex notches. The outsole here is made from a sophisticated blend of synthetic rubber, rice waste and rubber from the Amazon forests. In this way, the economic value of the Amazon forests should be increased and at the same time contribute to the protection of the forests. The upper is made of what is known as Alveomesh, which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. In the midsole, the so-called L-Foam technology is processed, which provides optimal cushioning and high energy return. The VEJA Marlin is a very lightweight neutral shoe that features L-Foam cushioning in the forefoot and heel. This makes it much more dynamic than the Condor 2 and also suitable for fast runs. Another special feature is the V-Knit upper: it is also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and fits the foot ideally thanks to the sock-like construction.

    The running shoes of the brand are not only manufactured fairly and with organic materials, but also convince on the technical line with sophisticated features. Made are the VEJA running shoes for runners with neutral rolling behavior, who are looking for a shoe with a direct running feel. And for all those who simply want to enjoy their run!