Vibram Fivefingers


    Vibram FiveFingers® toe shoes for a natural running feel

    The Vibram brand is known to many as a manufacturer of high-quality soles for outdoor and running shoes. Back in 1937, the company was founded by Italian mountain guide Vitale Bramani, who developed the first non-slip rubber tread sole for alpinists. Since then, Vibram has become the world market leader for functional rubber soles. As a shoe manufacturer, however, the Italian label broke completely new ground a few years ago, and in more ways than one: in 2006, Vibram FiveFingers® was launched, the first shoe model in which not only the sole but the entire shoe was produced by Vibram. The revolutionary concept behind the FiveFingers® toe shoes was also completely new: The lightweight Natural Running shoes simulate barefoot running. They have separate chambers for each toe as well as a flexible, thin sole that adapts perfectly to the surface.

    Behind the concept of FiveFingers®, however, is not only the company Vibram, but first and foremost product designer Robert Fliri. The nature-loving South Tyrolean wanted to enjoy the liberating feeling of barefoot running without restriction, without sacrificing the protective function of a traditional shoe. Using old swimsuits, he developed a "glove" for the feet - the first prototype of FiveFingers toe shoes. Orthopedic aspects were also incorporated into its development. The result was finally a technically sophisticated sports shoe with an extremely minimalist design. Today, there is a wide range of Vibram FiveFingers® models for different sports: The popular barefoot shoes are already offered for running, outdoor, fitness and water sports. Of course, all FiveFingers® have a grippy Vibram outsole made of durable rubber for the necessary grip and protection against sharp stones.

    As a pioneer of the natural running trend, Vibram's toe shoes reflect the most natural of all forms of locomotion - barefoot running. Those who regularly walk "topless" can strengthen their foot muscles, improve circulation in their legs and enhance their natural sense of balance and touch. Unfortunately, these positive effects are lost when wearing cushioned running shoes. Not so with the Vibram FiveFingers® barefoot shoes: the individual control of the toes and the good contact with the ground re-sensitize the nerves on the sole of the foot and train the muscles of the feet and legs. Since they do without conventional cushioning and heel elevation, the Vibram FiveFingers® also promote forefoot running. They are therefore the best choice for all neutral runners who want to improve their running style. If you are looking for extremely minimalist, technically advanced running shoes or simply want to safely enjoy the soothing feeling of barefoot running at all times, the Vibram FiveFingers® are the best choice. Runster offers all natural running fans a well-stocked selection of high-quality Vibram toe shoes for a wide variety of uses: whether fitness, trekking, trail running or classic running training - here you are guaranteed to find the right barefoot shoes for your needs.