Injinji toe socks - the ideal partner for sports.

    The sports brand Injinji produces socks for running, hiking and many other sports activities. The special feature here is the shape of the socks: Injinji running socks have 5 separate chambers for the toes. This gives your feet and toes more freedom of movement, no matter in which shoe. In addition, the natural movement is supported. The toes can spread naturally and thus distribute the body weight better. The anatomical design of Injinji socks provides improved stability and comfort. Since each toe is surrounded by fabric that wicks away moisture, the running socks keep the feet dry better. At Runster online store, you will find a wide selection of running socks from the Injinji brand.

    Injinji was founded in 1999 in California. It all started with the idea of producing socks that have an anatomical design and thus minimize friction. This results in fewer or no more blisters and pressure points on the foot, because the sock fits like a second skin. High-quality fibers, such as COOLMAX fiber, provide very good moisture management. However, Injinji also uses merino wool, which has been very popular on the outdoor market for several years. The brand calls its own merino wool NüWool. This has a high durability, does not scratch the skin and prevents the emergence of odors. In addition, NüWool provides good temperature control and wicks moisture away from the skin. Injinji running socks are therefore the ideal companion for your sporting adventures. They can be ideally combined with toe shoes from the company Vibram FiveFingers, but can of course also be worn in other running shoes and street shoes. Take a look around the Runster online store and discover our large selection of running shoes, running clothing and running accessories.