7 tips for running in the heat

Running workouts in the summer can be a real hot mess that takes some getting used to. Here are a few tips for you on how to make it feel better.

1. training frequency

Reduce running training in length and frequency by about 30-50% per week. Tempo runs and interval training sessions should also be avoided.

2. training location

If you have the possibility, you can also train in the forest, there it is always a bit cooler and more pleasant to run than on a street or in open terrain, even in the middle of summer.

3. time of day

Especially on hot summer days, training should not be done in the midday hours. Since the nights are short, you can also run beautifully in the morning or evening.

4. clothing

The lighter and airier the better. Pay attention to not too dark colors, clothes made of functional materials should be standard in summer. If the running route leads over paths with little shade and you are exposed to the blazing sun for a longer time, then don't forget the headgear.

5. sun protection

... for the skin in the form of sun milk or sun creams not forgotten. It is certainly also advisable to wear functional clothing that has UV protection.

6. drink

Before the start drink enough mineral water or juice spritzer. And also during the training think of the liquid supply.

7. nutrition

Especially in high temperatures, eating right is very important. Food rich in vitamins and minerals gives a lot of electrolytes, which are strongly lost during sweating.

Insider tip

If possible, choose a lake as an intermediate destination. Times briefly in the cool water cooled down, thereby the body temperature is reduced and the loss of fluids through sweating begins a little later. You can achieve the same effect by taking a cold shower before your workout.

Image: Piqs

Jake Rome, "The Operation Jack Marathon?"

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