Why running in the morning has only advantages.

Running in the morning, but the right way

To gorunning immediately after getting up in the morning is unimaginable for many. But it has many advantages, only everyone must find a way of motivation for themselves and leave the inner pig best in bed. In the morning, the motivation is still the greatest and yet many find it difficult to get up immediately after getting up and put on the sports clothes. In the evening, you are usually too tired and exhausted to imagine such an effort, so the soft sofa is often the better alternative.

Running burns more fat than sitting at home in bed!

The thing with the motivation one must imagine like a filled glass. Immediately after getting up, the glass is still fullest and with every decision you make during the day and with every problem you overcome, the glass gets a little emptier and the motivation and energy for anything decreases more and more throughout the day. Going for a run in the morning is quite simple in theory: you simply set your alarm clock half an hour earlier and put your running clothes right in front of your bed the night before. You literally just have to fall into it! Compared to the evening, you rarely have spontaneous professional or private appointments in the morning. This makes it easier to plan your training in the morning.

In the morning the world is still peaceful

One advantage of a morning run that should not be underestimated is the quietness in the morning. The air is cool, which is an enormous advantage especially in summer. Watching the dew on the misty meadows in the morning or seeing the world slowly waking up, watching the sunrise while you yourself are already doing something for your health, is simply wonderful and deeply satisfying. You can start the day in a good mood and the well-deserved shower afterwards and a healthy breakfast round off the morning program. One thing is clear, sport in the morning gives strength and good mood, sometimes you can hear from runners that they can work more efficient and concentrated by regular early morning sport. The benefits are many, you just have to try it.

Eating breakfast before running?

Opinions differ widely on this. In any case, you should drink something before running. Often, about half a liter of water is recommended, but if that's too much, you can start with a few sips and slowly increase the amount. Also, lukewarm water in the morning is more tolerable for many than cold.

Running in the morning has one big advantage: you will be admired!

If the last meal the day before was eaten quite early, i.e. around 6:00 p.m., it can be useful to eat a snack in the morning before running. If the evening meal or the last snack of the previous day was not so long ago, the body usually has enough residual energy after sleeping to get through the run without breakfast. If you are unsure, you can eat a banana before the run, which does not burden the stomach too much and also gives energy. But in general, there is no fixed rule, each athlete must listen to his body feeling. For one or the other, it may also help to take a little something to eat. Even if you don't need it, it's good to know that you have something with you and to avoid hypoglycemia.