The Hoka One One Rocket X in test

The manufacturer Hoka One One describes the Rocket X itself as particularly responsive. The elite athlete who is ready to give rubber and wants to score in competition is named as the target group. In addition, Hoka promises that the Rocket X is incredibly lightweight. This product description made us curious:

And so one of our staff members tested the shoe. However, we made sure that he knew as little as possible about the features of the new Hoka Rocket X in advance, so he started the first test run completely unbiased.

Basically, the Hoka Rocket X is a blend of the Hoka Carbon Rocket and the Hoka Carbon X. The sole is narrower than the Rocket X, resulting in the foot having a little less space in the forefoot area.

The weight is, as usual with Hoka One One, customarily low. The single shoe weighs just 211g (for size 42.5). The drop is 5 mm. The upper material is pleasantly soft and very breathable. The lacing, which is easy to adjust and guarantees a secure hold, should be emphasized.

The running feel can be described as dynamic. The Rocket X invites you to "roll". The "Early Meta-Rocker" construction in combination with the carbon fiber plate actually pushes the speed up. The running feel is faster and more efficient, which is especially evident in the increased forward propulsion.

The result was astonishing: the tested characteristics and the product description regarding responsiveness were identical. The Rocket X also simply exudes enthusiasm - enthusiasm for running.

The bottom line is that the new draft horse from Hoka delivers what it promises: the Rocket X is ideal for shorter distances up to the half marathon. Simply running shoes that are fun to wear!

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