District Vision - Performance Eyewear for Runners

The name District Vision stands for high-quality running sunglasses that combine uncompromising performance and clean high fashion looks. With Japanese know-how and the help of professional runners, the New York label designs functional sports eyewear that is intended to improve both the performance and the well-being of the athlete. In 2015, designer friends Tom Daly and Max Vallot launched their own label: With District Vision, they realized their vision of performance-oriented eyewear that clearly stood out from the clunky, cyborg-like sports eyewear on the market. Today, the hip label no longer just offers sunglasses, but also casual sportswear and useful running accessories such as caps and socks. The two running- and yoga-loving New Yorkers are inspired by Far Eastern philosophy and modern design aesthetics.

The minimalist sunglasses by District Vision not only bear Japanese names, they are also produced by hand in Japan. State-of-the-art materials are used to ensure a particularly lightweight feel and the perfect fit: the frames made of feather-light, shatterproof titanium are finished with a sweat-resistant nylon coating and hypo-allergenic nose pads. Each pair of District Vision sunglasses weighs only about 22g while being extremely durable. The lenses are made of a specially developed polycarbonate that makes them shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Additionally, they are coated with an anti-reflective coating and oleophobic coating that allows water and oil to roll off without streaking.

All District Vision sunglasses are tailored for different light conditions: there are models for very bright light conditions (such as for runs in the mountains), fluctuating light conditions (such as for trail running) and low light (such as for runs in the morning and evening hours). At Runster you can now find a selection of super-light District Vision sunglasses, as well as trendy sportswear and practical accessories from the New York label.