Fe226 Clothing for more sustainability

Fe226, the brand by and for triathletes, works with the incentive to exceed your expectations and increase your performance. Because Fe226 wants to make the best products on the market and keep optimizing them. Even small innovations in the products can make a big difference in how you perceive your training session. That's why Fe226 adds several unique features to running and cycling apparel so you can experience a better and more enjoyable workout. For example, The Ekstra Mile (TEM) series is temperature-balancing and offers a perfect fit to further enhance your comfort while running. But the brand from Denmark also wants to contribute to environmental protection and sustainability with its sportswear. For this reason, ALL products are antibacterial and odor-neutral. They wick moisture away from the body and are particularly quick-drying. But how does this contribute to environmental protection? We explain it to you.



Odor-neutral sportswear from Fe226

Antibacterial and odor-neutral running clothes and cycling clothes make you feel better, train better and wash your clothes less. That's because odor-neutral sportswear has the advantage of making you feel more comfortable when you're training in a running group because there are fewer odors. After training, your body will also feel fresher than with conventional clothing. In addition, the clothes don't smell unpleasant when you hang them out to dry. These are all reasons why you don't need to wash Fe226 clothing after every wear. The less you wash your sportswear, the longer it will last, because in the washing machine the clothing is always easily damaged. So washing less often increases the lifespan of your textiles, which also reduces the amount of clothing you throw away. But energy and water consumption is also greatly reduced and less microplastic enters the water cycle. After all, tiny pieces of the synthetic fibers end up in the wastewater every time they are washed, and these particles cannot be effectively filtered out even in the sewage treatment plant. In order to protect the environment, it is therefore advisable to refrain from frequent washing. After a long training session, you can also wash out Fe226 sportswear with clean water and then let it dry.


The particularly high quality and durability of the products also contributes to the fact that you rarely have to buy new sportswear. In addition, Fe226 focuses on timeless designs that will still look good in a few years. Because if you buy new parts less often, you also protect the environment. Fe226 has also deliberately located production in Europe to keep transport distances as short as possible, and plastic is avoided as much as possible in the packaging. Another great product from Fe226 are the cycling jerseys, which are made of 100% merino wool. These prevent odors and thus need to be washed less often. The good thing about it: when washing, no microplastics get into the waste water thanks to the natural fiber! Merino wool also convinces with other great properties such as optimal thermoregulation and can thus actually be worn all year round.

Make a small contribution to sustainability and environmental protection with Fe226 and discover the high-quality clothing from Fe226 in the Runster Sports Boutique!