Fe226 - Performance Couture from Denmark

Fe226 is a brand based in Denmark that specializes in high-end apparel for ambitious athletes. With the goal of producing the best possible products for the most intense and strenuous endurance sports, Fe226 is primarily a brand by and for triathletes. However, avid runners or cyclists can also benefit from the brand's know-how and order Fe226's high-quality running clothes and cycling apparel at Runster Sports Boutique. The name of the Danish brand is no coincidence: it is composed of the total distance of an Ironman (226 km) and the symbol for the basic chemical substance iron (Fe26). The marathon distance (26.2 miles) is also reflected in the brand name. Fe226 also has the appropriate slogan at the ready: "Be Iron." - "Be Iron." This saying, which can be found on some running shirts, is meant to be an incentive to all athletes to set even seemingly unattainable goals and train passionately for them. It also reflects the determination to persevere and keep going, no matter how bad the weather is or how exhausting your day has been.

Fe226 Running Performance

Fe226 Running Performance

"Be Iron" with Fe226.

The Danish brand's team consists of designers and product developers from Copenhagen and London, and focuses primarily on timeless styles that should still look good ten years from now. Fe226 gets support and feedback from some of the world's best triathletes and can therefore constantly develop its performance couture. The pieces are produced in Lithuania and Portugal and the fabrics are sourced from Italy, France and Portugal. So you get European craftsmanship combined with the best materials and thoughtful features. In addition to first-class performance wear for triathlon competitions, the Danish brand also develops technically sophisticated clothing and accessories for training. In the Runster Sports Boutique we offer you high-quality clothing for your workout on the bike or on foot. So take a look around now and discover the timeless and functional designs of Fe226.