What type of runner are you?

As soon as the weather gets nicer, a colorful crowd of runners hustles and bustles outside. From the wimpy token jogger to the tough competition pro, everything with legs is out and about. Have you ever asked yourself what type of runner you are? Find out what kind of runner you are in Germany's parks and streets in our (not entirely serious) runner typology. Do you recognize yourself?

The eternal beginner

Every year in spring you can find him for a short time: When the pants pinch after Christmas, this type of runner grudgingly gets up to work off a few pounds. Fitness isn't really his thing, and it shows: Even the senior citizens' Nordic walking club passes him by as he jogs through the park, sweating and panting, at a slow-motion pace. Despite good intentions, he usually only lasts a few weeks. Because as soon as the first sore muscles hit him, the eternal beginner ends up back where he prefers to be: on the couch. Until next spring...

The ambitious one

Whether a speed junkie or a marathon pro, the ambitious person only enjoys running when they can compete with someone else. Trained from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, he stubbornly braves rain, storms and heat. Anyone who wants to stop this runaholic from training would have to amputate both of his legs. His training plan is his bible, and he competes in as many races in a year as a normal runner does in his entire life. At home he has more trophies than cups in his cupboard and collects gold medals like others collect stamps. You can easily recognize the ambitious one: He wears the finisher shirt from the last ultramarathon, looks doggedly at his heart rate monitor and doesn't need two seconds to outrun you.

The social one

A true social runner, he is literally "always on the go." You'll meet him everywhere, but never alone; he changes his running partners more often than his socks. This type of runner tirelessly visits all the running clubs in the area to expand his network. He takes the well-intentioned advice "Run fast enough to have a conversation" all too literally and yaps like a waterfall while running, running out of breath on the first climb. He usually appears in a pack and eagerly clogs sidewalks and streets chattering.

The technology fan

You'll recognize him from afar by his geek gear. Running is a science in itself, so every run must be meticulously recorded and analyzed. Headset, GPS watch, heart rate sensor, pedometer - this nerd runner is armed to the teeth with expensive gadgets and looks like he just stepped out of a science fiction movie. Each new "toy" is proudly presented and extensively tested. If the technology goes on strike, he panics.

The alternative

For the alternative, running is all about health, wellness and nature. Engine noise and fine dust damage his aura, which is why this type of runner is rarely seen in the city, but mostly on lonely forest paths. Deep relaxation instead of speed training, mantras instead of maximum pulse - for him, running is not a sport, but a meditative trip of self-discovery. The alternative also pays meticulous attention to his diet: The energy bar for in-between is naturally vegan and gluten-free. He only wears sustainable fair trade running clothes and eco-running shoes that have been tested for harmful substances.