Running in winter - 5 motivational tips

Laufen im Winter

Constant rain, wind, cold, snow - running in winter is no walk in the park. With the temperatures often also goes the motivation in the basement. You just can't bring yourself to go running in this dirty weather? Your inner pig has you firmly in its grip? Put an end to it! We give you helpful tips on how you can effectively push your motivation and keep the fun in training even in winter. Bye Bye Winter Blues!

Our 5 motivation tips

1# Overcoming is everything

How much nicer would it be right now to spend the end of the day cozy on the sofa instead of running outside against wind and weather? Even disciplined runners ask themselves this from time to time. But don't think too much about it now: you shouldn't even try to negotiate with your inner pig, but instead start running directly forwards (or outdoors). So switch off your brain and get into your running clothes. Once you're dressed and ready to go, you'll feel pretty stupid if you cancel your workout now. And once you start running, you'll be surprised to find out that it's not that bad outside!

2# New goals

Set specific short and long term goals to work towards during the dark and cold season. Winter is the best time to plan in advance the big running events for the new year. Anticipation is the best joy - and the best motivation for running. A small New Year's Eve run with friends, a new best time or a big spring marathon? It doesn't matter - the main thing is that you constantly set yourself new incentives and look for challenges that will inspire you to run - all winter long.

3# Small rewards

You can't do much with competition and training plans and run more for fun? A tip for all pleasure runners: create a small but nice ritual with which you reward yourself after every completed training. This can be a wonderfully fragrant tea, a hot bath or a good book waiting for you by the warm stove. If that's not incentive enough, you can set your sights on a "bigger" reward in the long run: How about new running shoes, fancy running clothes, or a useful gadget to kick off spring? If that's not motivation...

4# More variety

There's nothing wrong with a solid running routine in principle. But especially when the weather is lousy, the ceiling can fall on your head. Try to vary your training so that every run remains exciting: In dry weather, for example, short sprints, interval training or driving games are good options. Sometimes it helps to put your new favorite music or an interesting audio book on your ears while running. Still bored? Then try a (new) running partner or explore new terrain on an unfamiliar running route. If you're just fed up with the weather, move your workout indoors for a while - strength training at the gym or a few laps on the treadmill are a welcome change from your daily running routine.

5# Think positive

If your motivation is low in the winter, keep the positive aspects of running in mind when you're training - even if it's not easy sometimes. Wind and slush whipping in your face? Fine. A little bad weather running will toughen you up and boost your immune system. Your running route turns into a creek bed? The perfect opportunity to put your waterproof running shoes through their paces. See the adverse conditions as a challenge, not an obstacle. After all, anyone can run in good weather! By running regularly in winter, you'll not only train your physical fitness, but also your self-discipline and willpower. Your reward is a good conscience - and that is priceless. Apart from that, the cold and dark season also has its charms - golden leaves, crunching snow - and you should enjoy them to the fullest!