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The founders of the Norda brand had long been searching in vain for a trail shoe that was sturdy enough, light enough or fast enough to get them to their destination. So they simply developed the perfect trail shoe themselves. The result is the Norda™ 001 Trail Shoe - the world's first seamless, lightweight trail shoe made with the bio-based material Dyneema®. With its grippy Vibram outsole and cushioning midsole, it puts no limits on your running experience. Because the world doesn't need another trail running shoe, it needs a better one.

Norda Run

"Performance and sustainability should always go together"

The brand was founded by two longtime endurance athletes in Montreal - Nick and Willa Martire - who both drew on their experience in the footwear industry. They had long felt that none of the world's brands had yet managed to produce a shoe that offered the perfect combination of fit, cushioning, grip, weight, breathability and innovative materials. Inspired by the difficult trails in Canada, they developed a trail running shoe, which combines innovative materials and sustainability.

"Norda™ exists because we love running. And we were tired of running in trail shoes that were only good."

Sustainability plays an especially important role for Norda. After all, only sustainable products can protect what makes trail running so spectacular: nature. The brand is particularly concerned with the durability of its products. Because Norda's goal is to achieve the best performance with the world's best materials while keeping the impact on the environment as low as possible.

Norda Run
Norda Run
Norda Run

The Norda™ 001 - High performance with sustainability.

The seamless upper of the Norda™ 001 is made of Dyneema®, the world's strongest and lightest fiber. This bio-based material comes from sustainable sources and has a very low carbon footprint. The Norda™ 001 is the first shoe to use this fiber as an upper, making it extremely lightweight and strong enough to withstand any trail. Together with sole manufacturer Vibram, Norda developed a high-performance outsole that is up to 30% lighter thanks to Vibram® Litebase® technology. The Vibram® Mega Grip® rubber ensures high durability and best grip in the terrain - whether on dry or wet surfaces. The Vibram® SLE midsole impresses with its low weight and particularly high energy return. Other details such as the Norda Lock System for optimal hold in the shoe and a springy insole make the Norda™ 001 the ideal partner for the best running experience.

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