Orange Mud Backpacks and hydration systems

The US brand Orange Mud is in this country so far only insiders a term. Now the small but fine label from Castle Rock, Colorado, is finally conquering the European trails. True to the motto "Trail - Road - Wherever", Orange Mud designs minimalist backpacks and innovative hydration systems for runners, bikers and outdoor freaks. As a demanding ultrarunner and triathlete, Josh Sprague, founder and designer of Orange Mud, has tried pretty much every hydration pack on the market - none of them met his expectations. So in 2012, he launched his own label and has since been designing ultra-lightweight, extremely stable and breathable hydration packs that meet the highest standards.

"It's not just a well thought-out design, but above all the special fit and exceptional choice of materials."

Hydration packs are a dime a dozen these days. What's so special about Orange Mud's hydration packs? It's not just a well thought-out design, but above all the special fit and exceptional choice of materials. Thanks to the many adjustment options via strategically placed straps, the Orange Mud Backpacks can be perfectly adapted to the individual physique. Even athletes with body measurements outside the norm benefit from a close-fitting, snug fit. Whether Gear Vest, Hydraquiver or Endurance Pack - each hydration pack is designed to sit stably on the shoulders and upper back, leaving the torso and lumbar area free. Disturbing wobbling and bouncing is thus reduced to an absolute minimum, even at high speeds.

In order to achieve maximum breathability, Orange Mud uses technical materials that have so far been used primarily in the medical and military sectors. They are not only extremely durable and hard-wearing, but also particularly permeable to air. The softflasks and pockets are also designed in such a way that they do not impair ventilation. Thanks to the countless, strategically placed pockets, you always have your smartphone, energy bar and co. at hand. In addition to compact models for short distances, Orange Mud also offers more spacious hydration packs for extended tours, marathons and ultra races. A high-quality HydraPak hydration bladder with bite valve ensures particularly long-lasting hydration. If you want to put the innovative equipment of the American brand through its paces, Runster offers a wide selection of Orange Mud Gear for various purposes.