Saysky - " F*** the Norm " Collection

The SAYSKY collection "FTN" celebrates diversity. It is a motivation to be yourself. It's a positive message to follow your dreams, even if they are on an unconventional path. It's a liberating message to choose happiness over normalcy - whatever that is.

"FTN" is about embracing yourself. Who you are, your sexuality, your gender, your race, your religion. Even what you wear or how you run. It's about caring for others and the world we live in. Choose your own sense of direction and invite everyone to join the ride. And not worrying about the impossible and ever-changing standards of how others think you should act or behave.

It's about slapping ignorance in the face and not standing still. It's about accepting others and learning from them. Welcoming new things, examining comfort zones, and innovating by being progressive. It's a reminder that humanity is best represented by the beauty of all the colors in the world.

"F***" is a strong word, but in this situation it is used to emphasize the emotional emphasis of our point. "FTN" is not a negative view of standards - it is a positive view of the individual. "FTN" is NOT a "fu** the world" statement - it is a comprehensive message to free the world and run together, regardless of our differences.