Headlamps and running accessories for running training in the dark

Anyone who wants to go running in the cold and dark season should think about certain safety measures to be clearly visible in traffic. Everyone can do without headlines like "Jogger hit by car in the dark".

Running clothes or running shoes with reflective elements should now be standard equipment. In addition, there are other ways to provide more light and thus safety.

  1. Headlamps are practical from two points of view: the runner sees where he is going, the risk of injury is minimized, especially in the terrain and for other road users the oncoming runner is unmistakable. The only disadvantage: the runner is only seen from the front.
  1. Plug-in lights round off the optimal illumination of the runner in the dark. They can be attached to the shoelace, belt or backpack and complete the lighting thanks to their bright LEDs. No matter where you want to attach these plug-in lights, you just need anything to which you can attach the clip, a belt or a jacket pocket for example.
  1. Glow bracelets with reflective elements can be attached to the arm using a strap. For runners who do not want to use plug-in lights, a good alternative to be seen in the dark.
  1. Reflective hip pockets for runners or bottles complete the winter safety outfit. The bottles carried in the hand reflect the incoming light and thus the water dispenser becomes a safety accessory. The hip pockets are not only practical to store cell phone and car keys, the reflective surface ensures that you are seen particularly well by motorists.

With these accessories, running becomes a safe affair even in winter. Have fun with it!