The Styleholz Woodstick for your fascia training

In recent years, fascia rollers have become increasingly popular - now they are almost part of the basic equipment of an athlete. Because the rollers for self-massage can easily be used at home to improve mobility and regeneration. In the Runster Sports Boutique you can get fascia rollers from Styleholz, which stand out due to their appealing design and high functionality. We will introduce you to the company and the wooden fascia roller in more detail.

The Styleholz fascia roller - sustainable and regionally produced

Styleholz is a company from Austria that specializes in the natural product wood and produces high-quality fascia rollers for targeted self-massage. Paul Seyringer's family has been working with wood for generations, so he came into contact with the natural product at an early age. After Paul Seyringer finished his career as a competitive athlete, he founded the company Styleholz.

"I had the vision to develop sustainable and regional products for training and regeneration without having to sacrifice quality, design and functionality."-Paul Seyringer

That's why Styleholz only uses sustainable wood from Austria for the so-called Woodstick, for example walnut wood or also maple wood. During production, which takes place regionally in Upper Austria, Paul Seyringer places value on individuality instead of mass production. And so every Woodstick is truly unique.


What is special about the Styleholz Woodstick?

Of course, the design of the Woodstick immediately catches the eye. In contrast to the common fascia rollers, which are mostly made of plastic, the Styleholz Woodstick has contour rollers and handles made of wood as well as a fiberglass core. Thus, the massage stick works better than conventional fascia rollers and can easily be used while standing or sitting to treat tense muscles and muscle groups in a targeted manner. For example, you can relax your muscles in the evening on the couch and do not have to lie on the floor. The Woodstick is ideal for massaging your calves and thighs and can also be used for the neck and back. Due to the trigger contour of the rollers, you can also reach problem areas better than with other fascia rollers and massage them specifically. Another big advantage is that the wood feels much more pleasant on the skin than plastic. The Woodstick also looks stylish and is a real eye-catcher on the shelf at home!