The Sun Run - YMR Track Club and Karhu in a unique collaboration

"The Sun Run" is an exclusive collection by YMR Track Club and Karhu, which is meant to commemorate the original Sun Run race from 1983. In this race, which the Karhu brand sponsored at the time, athletes ran from Sweden to Finnish Lapland under the midnight sun. What makes it so special is that in summer the sun does not set completely in the far north. So the sky doesn't darken completely at this time of year, so the runners are out in impressive light conditions. This makes the Sun Run to celebrate the summer solstice an extraordinary event. The run in 1983 was intended to bring people together to share their love for the outdoors and for running. The run was also intended to promote the comradely bonds of Finland and Sweden.

YMR Run Sun

Finnish brand Karhu has now teamed up with Swedish brand YMR Track Club to design this limited edition collection. The shirts and sweaters feature the original Sun Run logo. In the Runster Sports Boutique we have exclusively for you this collection, which is not only functional, but also particularly stylish.

YMR Track Club Sun Run

YMR Track Club Sun Rise

YMR Track Club Sun Run

How does the "Sun Run" work exactly?

According to Peter Häggström Lindecrantz, founder of YMR Track Club, the Sun Run honors what running is all about: camaraderie, enjoyment and exploration. That's why the idea of the Sun Run, last held in 1987, will be revived this year. A variety of runs will take place from June 18-21, 2021:

  • Friday morning: 6-8km run
  • Friday afternoon: 10-15km run
  • Saturday morning: 5-8km run
  • Saturday afternoon: 15km run
  • Sunday morning: light workout
  • Sunday afternoon: Midnight Sun Run (12km)

At the run itself, only a limited number of runners can participate due to the measures taken to limit the pandemic. Among those participating are world-renowned runner and Swedish record holder Mustafa "Musse" Mohamed, YMR Track Club founder Peter Häggström Lindecrantz, fashion journalist Daniel Lindström and Jordan Kinley, Karhu's Global Running Manager. But people around the world are also invited to participate in the race. Here's how it works: Anyone who goes running on the said weekend of June 18-21, 2021, can share the pictures and story of their own run on social media channels using #SunRun2021. Running alone or alongside running buddies, knowing that there are other runners all over the world doing the same thing right now, creates a sense of belonging. That's because the camaraderie between runners can be found everywhere, no matter your nationality, background or pace.

Both teams participating in the "Sun Run" will wear the unique collection of Karhu and YMR Track Club - designed and knitted in Sweden! Therefore, you too can quickly secure the exclusive YMR Track Club x Karhu "Sun Run" collection!

Image Source: YMR Track Club