VEJA Running Shoes - now in Runster Shop!

Sustainability is a very important topic in order to protect our environment. Sustainable products have already found their way into many areas of life - including sports. We at the Runster team are also on the lookout for high-quality products that are manufactured in a sustainable way. As a new brand, we would like to introduce you to VEJA: a French brand that has been producing shoes from ecological materials since 2005 and at the same time wants to support social projects. In addition to stylish sneakers, VEJA now also has eco-friendly running shoes in its range, which we are proud to present to you in the Runster Sports Boutique. We'll show you the VEJA running shoes and explain what makes them tick.

Veja Running

Plastics for most conventional running shoes are made from petroleum. In order to protect the environment, VEJA wants to eliminate petroleum from its running shoes. The sustainable and vegan running shoes are therefore made from various environmentally friendly components. The main components are, for example, recycled plastic bottles or rubber from the Amazon forests.

The VEJA Condor 2 is a versatile running shoe for light runs or recovery runs, but can also be used on long distances. It offers great comfort on the road or in the park, has a 10mm drop and is suitable for neutral runners. Overall, the VEJA Condor 2 is made from 57% recycled or bio-based materials and is produced in Brazil. The Alveomesh upper in this case was made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and offers high breathability. Overlays made of TPU and a heel support made of castor oil allow for good stability. The L-Foam cushioning technology provides the best comfort and was made of 30% natural latex from Brazil and 70% synthetic latex. The outsole provides the necessary grip and is made of 39% synthetic rubber, 31% rice waste and 30% rubber from the Amazon. Thus, the Condor 2 is an environmentally friendly shoe with high functionality. It offers you a balanced combination of dynamics and comfort and allows an effective rolling. Because it was not without reason in 2020 with the ISPO Award "Product of the Year" in the field of running hardware.

Veja Running

The VEJA Marlin is the French brand's newly developed running shoe. It is lighter and more dynamic than the Condor 2 and therefore made for faster training sessions. L-Foam technology has been incorporated into this VEJA running shoe not only in the heel, but also in the forefoot. This gives you better energy return for a particularly dynamic running style. With a 6mm drop, the VEJA Marlin also provides more direct ground contact than the Condor 2. The knitted V-Knit upper of this running shoe is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is particularly soft and breathable and adapts ideally to the foot. The outsole is also made of 75% bio-based and recycled materials and provides optimal grip on the street or in the city park. Just like the Condor, the VEJA Marlin convinces with its vegan construction and is made of 62% recycled and biobased materials.

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