YMR Track Club - Sustainable Performance Wear from Sweden

YMR Track Club is the new label in the Runster online store. The relatively young brand from Sweden offers runners everything they want. The running shirts and running pants not only inspire with a cool retro design. YMR Track Club designs functional sportswear that is produced locally and sustainably. We tell you more about the Swedish label.

YMR Track Club - with passion for sports

Founder Peter Häggström Lindecrantz is a former Olympic track and field athlete who represented IK Ymer Sportklub throughout his athletic career. IK Ymer Sportklub has existed since 1917 and has had many sporting successes in different sports. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, Peter Häggström Lindecrantz designed sportswear for IK Ymer Sportklub in 2017. This work inspired him so much that he designed more garments. The result was an entire collection and thus the creation of the YMR Track Club brand.

Peter Häggström Lindecrantz has always had a keen interest in sportswear and collected garments at competitions and training camps around the world, which he traveled as an athlete and sports commentator. With his company, he is now looking for solutions for fabrics that offer high functionality, freedom of movement and a light feeling during sports. At the same time, the products should have an exemplary effect, as the collections are produced locally and sustainably. To ensure the high quality of the products, they are tested by employees and by top athletes.

Sustainable performance wear made in Sweden

YMR Track Club builds on many years of experience from Sweden's textile district, the Sjuhärad District. There, his grandfather already had a factory for textiles. With the years of experience of textile manufacturers from this region, YMR Track Club manages to produce high-quality fabrics and garments that are durable and offer optimal functional properties for sports. In the process, each garment receives the inscription "Designed and knitted in Sweden". This is because local production is extremely important to the founder in order to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, the brand focuses on short transport routes as well as small production with fewer collections. This helps to avoid overproduction, which is one of the biggest environmental problems in this industry.

YMR Track Club's high-quality performance wear uses polyester made from recycled plastic. The clothing is certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex class 1 standard and also the factory has the GOTS (global organic textile standard) certificate, which has strict guidelines regarding the environment, health and safety. The factory is also ISO14001 certified for its environmental management. The factory's dyeing plant operates without toxic dyes and has a closed loop system so that water and heat, for example, can be reused. This is how the high-quality YMR Track Club sportswear is created, which despite its roots in athletics is popular with everyone who loves sports. In the Runster online store you can now get everything your heart desires. In addition to long running pants and long-sleeved shirts for the winter, we also have T-shirts and singlets for you in our assortment. Caps and socks round off the YMR Track Club outfit.